"Jewellery is a part of my life. A part of me."


One of Sally’s earliest childhood memories is sitting in a bath in Karachi, the place of her birth, admiring the glass bangles layered up the arms of her ayah:

 She was attired in a vibrant sari, her elegant neck adorned with amulets. She loved to share her adornments with the young Sally and long after they had left Pakistan, the ayah continued sending gifts of sparkling jewels, silks and talismans.


It was a childhood that gave her a taste for an adventurous life and a lifelong curiosity for other cultures.

In Singapore Sally wandered the markets in the mellow evenings, dazzled by the extravagant fireworks and vivid lanterns celebrating the Chinese festivals.

Later living in Mauritius, a country infused with Indian, Chinese and African influences, she lived by the Indian Ocean. She spent many hours happily wading in the warm azure waters of the coral gardens, admiring the deep pinks and purples of corals and feathery anenomes and the electric colours of tropical fish. This, and her early passion for collecting shells and fossils, is still visible in her Oceanic collection today.