Jewellery has always been integral to my life and is my passion. Inspired by the traditional cultures I have met in my life of travelling, I want each piece to tell a story infused with symbolism and talismanic powers. I create treasures you will wish to hand down to your children...

I have been making jewellery since I was thirteen. Each piece is hand made, an eclectic mix of jewels found on my travels to remote places, historical pieces in their entirety or reset in my designs, and my own new creations using silver, gold, fossils and gemstones.

Sally has been a collector and creator of jewellery since her childhood. Each piece has a story, a history, an eclectic mix of inspirations and visual language inspired by her travels to remote places and the cultures she has encountered and fallen in love with along the way.


Eye-catching belts using a variety of materials inspired from all over the world. All hand made on leather.


Antique and modern earrings inspired from tribal and contemporary designs. Set in silver and gold.


Antique, tribal and contemporary designs, using silver, gold, and gemstones.


Antique and contemporary jewels inspired from around the globe.


Cufflinks using silver, fossils and and gemstones.


Hand-made rings set in silver and golds, inspired from ancient and contemporary design.


UK returns address: Grange Farm, Watery Lane, Beachampton, Buckinghamshire, MK19 6DZ

Nairobi, Kenya contact details:

+254 (0)720 718 306

The Souk, The Silk Road shop
30 Dagoretti Road, Karen, Nairobi, Kenya

Private appointments at Soysambu Ranch, Near Nakuru, Rift Valley , Kenya