Antique, tribal, and contemporary designs.

Bedouin antique betrothal bracelet circa 1915. Silver. Size and width and weight vary.

Bedouin bracelets. Solid silver. Variable sizes.

Bangle with charms - Silver Ethiopian cross. Silver. Available in various amulets. Variable sizes.

Multi strand turquoise with rough cuts. Silver beads & pin. Variable sizes.

Charm bracelet: South Indian fertility bead, dog amulet, Ethiopian cross, Dolphin, Surya sun god, protective hand of Fatima, mango for abundance and fruitfulness, Swahili crescent moon and star used on the helm of dhow, amethyst healing stone, Turtle=long life, Egyptian Ankh-key of life, Ganesh Hindu elephant god- destroyer of obstacles,shell-prosperity. Silver. Amulets vary.


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